Sunday, April 30, 2006


Unless you're family tree has names like Black Hawk in them. We are all descendants of illegal immigrants.

In the rough

Murphy hit his tee shot (on the first hole) into the rough and out of bounds. Duce was not with him today, so he attempted to retrieve the ball himself and has not been seen sense.

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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Get'er Done

Now this guy has the right idea! Did you know that in Mexico its against the law to protest anything? Maybe America can help, lets protest down there, but with a couple of Stealth Bombers over El Presidente' fox's home!


Lets hope our government cuts all funding to Montebello high school!


This is BULLSHIT and AMERICA shouldn't put up with it!

Friday, April 28, 2006

Dog Rescued From Tree

San Clemente, Ca. (AP) - Deuce the dog was out with his owner, Murphy the Mayor, doing his usual thing, which is retrieving stray golf shots for members of the Shorecliffs Golf Club, when a squirrel darted out in front of him and scrambled up a nearby tree. Attempting to follow the creature up the tree, Deuce soon found himself in a predicament (see photo).

"He almost never chases squirrel's," said his owner. I don't know what got into him. I should have had a better grip on his leash. I couldn't believe my eyes. Then when I tried to get him free, I discovered he was stuck."

The Orange County Fire Department responded after being summoned to the scene. Using a Jaws of Life device, they were able to extradite Deuce in about 15 minutes, seemingly none the worse for wear.

Dr. Ralph gave Deuce a quick exam and declared the animal fine. "After I stopped laughing, I examined Deuce for injuries and discovered nothing of concern. He'll be back shagging golf balls in no time."

There will be white chicks at drralphs Friday poker bash tonight!

A new National Anthem

Can you believe this CRAP? There is now a spanish version of our "NATIONAL ANTHEM" that also has a section with cRAP in it! Some of the wording has also been changed. Why are these people picketing our government? Why aren't they down in their own country picking THEIR GOVERNMENT for the same thing? WHY????

After a tough day of finding golf ball's, I give Deuce his bath and dinner at the same time so he can get to bed alittle earlier so he can be well rested for the next day.
A golf club in San Clemente has awarded lifetime membership to a dog because of his uncanny knack of finding lost balls from wayward shots.

But friendly pooch Deuce is having to take the rough with the smooth, because he cannot fully enjoy membership of Shorecliffs Golf Club because dogs are banned from the clubhouse.

Since his owner and club member Murphy the Mayor began taking him for daily walks from his house bordering the course in San Clemente, Deuce has returned more than 3,000 balls the Mayor either sliced or shanked into the long grass. He also retrieves other members' strays shots.

Club secretary Chick N. Neck said: "I've been playing with the same ball for two years. I can't get rid of it."

To mark his abilities, Deuce has been made a member of the veterans' section although at aged six, he is considerably younger than the 50 years needed to qualify as a senior player.

Murphy said his pet comes into his own in the summer months when ferns around the course can grow to more than three feet in height.

"You've got to watch him because he'll carry the same ball around the whole course if you let him," he explained. "If I take one from him he'll go off and look for another one to play with. And that's how we end up collecting so many.

"He won't pick up yellow ones. I can only guess that he thinks it is a tennis ball. He hates tennis balls and usually leaves them for his friend Dingo. They all come back to the club for the boys to use which is good because some of them are quite expensive."

Dr. Ralph all dressed up for poker night. Looking good!

Big Momma arriving at drralph's poker bash last week.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

The surf was small again this morning, but it didn't matter with the raising of the wind vanes.

Tailor made

This young lady is being custom fit for her drralph tailor made.

Deep into mexico at a secret testing ground, coyote's are testing the new ITA (illegal transit authority) school bus. This thing turns the 1/4 mile in under 6 sec. at speeds over 200mph. And it runs on used vegetable oil. (it smells like a giant taco)
Click here for a new game making the internet rounds. Tubesteak may particularly enjoy this!

Chimps Caught! But Now This!

San Clemente, California (Reuters) - If the stench and bacteria from feces and birth byproducts at a North San Diego seal pupping beach has not kept the people away, then officials hope a rope just might.

A school of about 200 harbor seals has emerged victorious in the battle between those who want to protect one of California's top seal-spotting places and those who cherish "Old Man's," a surf beach that gives people a safe place to learn surfing.

The feud took a new turn this week after Park Rangers roped off a prime stretch of the State Park shoreline to keep people from disturbing the harbor seals who have taken up residence there.

Any move, even a walk across the sand or a seagull in flight, can spook the skittish animals to flee into the ocean and abandon their newborn babies on the shore, thus violating federal marine mammal protection laws.

Moreover, seals need adequate sun and sand time in order to maintain good health, said Dr. Ralph, Doctor Emeritus with the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration.

Dr. Ralph's office urged the State to act after receiving an increase in complaints that angry residents were harassing the marine mammals during their breeding process.

The park decided to erect the barrier each year from January 1 through May 1, which is considered to be the end of pupping season.

Federal officials have also installed 24-hour surveillance cameras on the beach to watch for people deliberately swimming, surfing, kayaking or sunbathing in the area. Yet many residents who showed up this week in defiance of the rope said they were undeterred.

"My family has been here since 1915, my child was raised here and we want to be able to swim, it's the only place around with a lifeguard station and bathrooms," said Murphy the Mayor, who says he visits the beach every day as an act of protest. "These animals are not the delicate creatures they are made out to be."

Meanwhile, a steady stream of tourists and environmental activists clusters above and around the roped area, unfazed by the stench, ogling the seals, calling out to the babies and taking pictures.

"Aren't they cute?" said Joquin Eduardo Jimenez, a member of "Nothing Gringo" boycott, who came to the Pacific beach to educate the public and monitor those who would defy the boycott in preparation for their upcoming event.

"There are plenty of other beaches where they can go," he said. "I wish they would leave the seals alone!"

Nobody knows how or why the animals began flocking to the shore in the late 1990s but currently about 200 seals live there. It's one of the few spots in the state where seals are visible to the public, Dr. Ralph said.

Yet they bring with them dangerous and malodorous bacteria. The rope barrier is also meant as a warning to stay away from seal fecal matter and birth byproducts, officials said.

Last October a California Superior Court judge ordered the state to dredge and clean up the beach but the decision has been tied up in litigation and a foul fishy stench remains.

San Onofre Mayor Murphy was the lone holdout against putting up the rope barrier, saying he did not feel there was evidence of seal harassment to justify blocking access to the beach for four months.

"The issue isn't so much that people can't get along with seals, it's that people can't get along with people," Murphy said.

Tomorrow is Friday and you know what that means! Yep, poker at drralph's place!

The new Old Mans Wind Vane doing its thing!

The new Point Wind Vane doing its thing!

The Mayor and Kamper Rick putting up the new Wind Vane at The Point.

Dingo and Kamper Rick putting up the new Wind Vane at Old Mans.

Kamper Rick and the Mayor with the new Wind Vanes, on the left is Rick with the one for Old Mans, and on the right Is the Mayor and The Points.

Typical scene in the Ribtrader parking lot the morning after!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Our Dr. Ralph in his younger days!

The picture says it all!

Just another day at the Linx in laguna Beach.

Chimps Still On Loose!

San Clemente, Ca. - Four bus loads of students from O'Brien Middle School made the four-hour trip to San Onofre State Park, Calif., only to find the park gates locked Tuesday due to rampaging chimpanzees. The school-sponsored surfing trip was supposed to reward top students.

"It was pretty much a fiasco," said a San Bernadino County School District spokesperson. "They ended up wasting a day that those kids could have better spent in class or doing what they were going to do at the park."

School officials said the $50 fee will be refunded, and the Seymour tour company that arranged the trip has agreed to pay for the next one. "The tour company neglected to check the schedule," the spokesperson said.

"It is just a bummer for the kids," said one parent. "Now, they will have to wait another month to go and a lot of the kids might not be able to go then."

Principal Scott Yee said the school was even given printed tickets with Tuesday's date on them.

"But shame on us for not checking," he said.
How to sneak into the USA. Click here!

Taking the Fun Out Of Eating Beans

San Clemente (Reuters) - Two strains of bacteria are the key to making beans flatulence-free, Dr. Ralph reported on Tuesday.

He identified two bacteria, Lactobacillus casei and Lactobacillus plantarum, which can be added to beans so they cause minimal distress to those who eat them, and to those around the bean-lovers.

Flatulence is gas released by bacteria that live in the large intestine when they break down food. Fermenting makes food more digestible earlier on.

Writing in the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, Dr. Ralph found that adding these two gut bacteria to beans before cooking them made them even less likely to cause flatulence.

They tested black beans, known scientifically as Phaseolus vulgaris.

"Legumes, and particularly Phaseolus vulgaris, are an important source of nutrients, especially in developing countries," the doctor wrote in the report.

"In spite of being part of the staple diets of these populations, their consumption is limited by the flatulence they produce."

Smart cooks know they can ferment beans, and make them less gas-inducing, by cooking them in the liquor from a previous batch. But Dr. Ralph wanted to find out just which bacteria were responsible for this.

When he fermented black beans with the two bacteria, he found it decreased the soluble fiber content by more than 60 percent and lowered levels of raffinose, a compound known to cause gas, by 88 percent.

He fed the beans to rats behind bathroom #4 and then analyzed the rats' droppings to ensure that the beans were digested and kept their nutritional value.

When pre-soaked in the L. casei, the beans stayed nutritious and produced few gas-causing compounds, he reported.

"Therefore, the lactic acid bacteria involved in the bean fermentation, which include L. casei as a probiotic, could be used as functional starter cultures in the food industry," Dr. Ralph wrote.

"Likewise, the cooking applied after induced fermentation produced an additional diminution of the compounds related to flatulence."

New State lifeguard Jose Luis Manuel Martinez-Villaraigosa. He does lifeguarding Americans won't do but he won't be there Monday.

This whale washed ashore at San Onofre yesterday after having apparently been mortally wounded by frenzied Great white sharks. Thats drralph removing the sphincter.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Finally! A real cowboy! None of this Brokeback Mountain crap.

My God! Dr. Ralph's new diet really works!


Some rain maybe?

Extremely cold water and weather has come once again to San Onofre. They say it could last until July!

DR. Ralph now has a new twist to
his posting!


Thats BK in the front and Tubesteak looking stately in the back.

drralph caught sleeping on the job! Perhaps the inspiration for his rather unique posts!


The other day, sitting in traffic at a stop light. I glanced over and saw a homeless person sitting roadside, holding a penciled on cardboard sign that said, (Vietnam Vet will work for food). I rolled the window down and asked, what's you're name? solder. He replied, Steve. I said what unit. He got up and approached my car saying, 4th Inf. 69-70. I reached out to shake his hand and said,Ralph 4th Inf. 68-69.
Was he a Vet who never recovered from the scars of war or had I just met my replacment or both? I gave him some cash, said good luck. He said, God bless brother.
I always see guys like Steve, especially around Memorial Day or Veterans Day. I never say anything to them. Perhaps from now on I shall.

Let us all take a moment today and remember our fallen brothers and sisters.........

Park Closed

San Clemente (Reuters) - Armed State Park Rangers are hunting up to 20 chimpanzees which killed a local taxi driver and injured three surfers after they broke out of a wildlife sanctuary, officials said on Tuesday.

The San Onofre State Park, outside the Camp Pendleton Chimpanzee Refuge, where the incident happened, has been closed since Sunday's attack by the screaming and excited apes, which mobbed and mauled the four men.

"Some people had turned up at the gate before normal opening time, and before staff could react, they realized somebody was being attacked," the Park's director, Bob Larsen told Reuters.

The animals killed local taxi driver Fernando Garcia and bit and mauled three surfers.

The three surfers, as yet unidentified, were flown to General Hospital in San Clemente on Monday to receive medical treatment for their injuries from the esteemed Dr. Ralph.

Larsen said the attack was the first incident of its kind since the sanctuary was set up in 1995 to give shelter to orphaned and abandoned chimpanzees. It is billed as one of San Diego's leading eco-tourism attractions.

Larsen said sanctuary staff and armed police were still trying to round up about 20 of the runaway chimps, including two adult males called "Tubesteak" and "BK."

He believes the males may have led the attack on the visitors after more than 30 of the apes managed to break out of their enclosure in the sanctuary.

"We humanize them but we're referring to wild animals here. Some chimps are highly territorial and can attack and kill. They may have seen these people as intruders," he said.

"Maybe the visitors panicked and threw sticks and stones. Chimps mob people. If you try and defend yourself you can get hurt," he added. He advised any humans attacked by chimpanzees to "be submissive, lie on the ground and fart."

Local villagers were keeping their children at home. "We're not letting our children walk on the trestle road because these chimpanzees could get hold of them and kill them," unofficial Park Mayor Murphy, told Reuters.

"It's a good thing it was a golf day or I would have been right in the middle of it," Murphy added.

The Camp Pendleton Chimpanzee Sanctuary had nearly 70 apes living in a semi-wild environment in which they had access to fenced enclosures as well as large cages where they spent the night.

Larsen said he hoped to reopen the reserve for public visits when security precautions had been tightened.

"Accidents can happen, you can't guarantee that they won't where wild animals are involved," he said.

"You can go into the Mojave Desert (California's most famous game reserve) and be killed by a rattlesnake," he added.

The same young lady as the previous post . After Jenny Craig diet.

You asked for it....more fat chick pics!

Here is another seemingly life-like sand sculpture. I see where he's looking and I know what he's thinking. However, proper decorum prevents me from revealing such.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Don't get sand in the gearbox!

I had a very bad day in surgery.
It's a patient's worst nightmare -- to wake up from surgery to find that the surgeon has operated on the wrong organ or limb. It happens, but thankfully not often, according to a new report.

The study also indicates that surgical "site-verification" procedures designed to prevent so-called "wrong-site" surgery are not always effective.

Wrong-site surgery includes procedures performed on the wrong side of the body, the wrong body part, the wrong lesion or growth, such as moles on the skin, the wrong vertebra of the spine, or even the wrong patient.

"We learned that fortunately this kind of mistake is very rare and only occurs one time in 113,000 operations," Dr. Ralph from General Hospital in San Clemente told Reuters Health.

To be exact, there were 40 cases of wrong-site surgery among a total of 2,826,367 operations Dr. Ralph personally performed in 30 Southern California hospitals between 1985 and 2004. The investigators excluded cases involving the wrong spinal vertebra, leaving 25 non-spine wrong-site operations, Dr. Ralph reports in the Archives of Surgery.

Medical records were available for 13 of the non-spine cases, and showed that one patient suffered a significant permanent injury, two suffered major temporary injuries and 10 suffered minor temporary injuries.

When the researchers dug deeper into these 13 of cases, they found that implementation of proper surgical procedures would have prevented only eight of these mistakes (62 percent).

Hospitals are required by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, the hospital accrediting body, to verify the site and patient before surgery; mark the surgical site on the patient; and take a "time out" in the operating room before starting the procedure to review the checklist.

"Patients should be aware that all hospitals are required to have confirmation of the site and/or side of surgery on the day of surgery," Dr. Ralph told Reuters Health.

"They can help facilitate this process of 'double-checking' by understanding what operation they are going to have. If they are confused, they should ask their doctor to clarify it with them - even that very morning of surgery," Dr. Ralph said.

Patients are always asked to sign a consent form, which describes the planned procedure, at some point after the decision is made for surgery. "They need to be able to understand the description of the procedure, including what exact part of the body is involved," Dr. Ralph said.

Still, "No protocol will prevent all cases," he wrote. "Therefore, it will ultimately remain the surgeon's responsibility to ensure the correct site of operation in every case."

What are they thinking? Don't they know that glass containers are NOT allowed on the beach?

Sunday, April 23, 2006

The rangers discovered a huge under ground growing room at 4doors today.


Recently PANDORAS BOX was opened up. It stimulated conversation. We should continue to do so. It's healthy.

Things picked up a bit this afternoon. We are back to more normal activity. Nice wave Peter.


These guys could'nt even find a wave to ride today.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Here's a photo of Brownholes two Lesbian firefighters with the two gay Lifeguards at Trail #6
(can you guess who that is in the background?)

Friday, April 21, 2006

Dr. Are you ready for the ceremonial surgery?

Everyone out of the water! Sharks have been sighted through out the San Onofre area!

Moon Phase