Friday, July 06, 2007

Real Girls Keeping It Real At The Real Sandbar

There really wasn't much surf.


Anonymous said...

quick, post the pictures of them pissing.

Hyderabad said...

Oh Anonymous.
How shocking you are.
~~ snore ~~

Ranger X said...

Swimming is not allowed at San Onofre SURFING beach.

pee pleeze said...

Yes, peeing please.

doc said...

Oh, putzle, you are the *STAR* of SANODAZE. She got you where you are today. Don't piss on her.
Come to think of it maybe you should try 'Tubesteak's
Diary', they need help bad over there.

loco local said...

This is the best sandbar picture you guys & gals have ever posted and one of the few pictures that is real.

Anonymous said...

Doc, lay off, we know the Dairy's in trouble. The only thing that could save it would be Oxbow's Henry Ford.


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