Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sorry For The Obstructions

I was trying to get some pictures of the clouds that were over San-O on Tuesday.

She always does this when I'm trying to get some pictures of cloud formations, mountain ranges, and, as I think about it, just about anything. If I complain, she starts taking off her clothes. I don't know what to do with her.


puttzle said...

Obviously, you need to complain more.

Anonymous said...

Send her up here to Tacoma.

Reynold Marksen said...

Tacoma? That's where Rusty is working and living. I think he's employed by Olympia brewing co.

rusty de tacoma said...

Sid, baby, tell your fantasy to loose the dike costume.

terry beard said...

Rusty at Olympia Beer?
Isn't that like pouring gosoline ont a fire. If he wanted to cease drinking why did he not go to the Betty Ford Center in Palm Desert.

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