Monday, December 19, 2011

America the beautiful

North Korean leader Kim Jong-il has died of a heart attack at the age of 69, state media have announced.

Millions of North Koreans were "engulfed in indescribable sadness", the KCNA state news agency said, as people wept openly in Pyongyang.

KNCA described one of his sons, Kim Jong-un, as the "great successor" whom North Koreans should unite behind.

Pyongyang's neighbours are on alert amid fears of instability in the poor and isolated nuclear-armed nation.


Oso Ah Vious said...

Thanks. I can't imagine where else I could get that information.

SLOW DOWN! said...

As the SUP fools go racing by at 75mph.

Jed said...

The trees are happy today!

Hey, GetOout of the Bamboo said...

'SLOW DOWN', what's going to happen is one of the speeders will loose control of his vehicle and plough head on into an oncoming car and kill all. Then they'll shut that death trap dirt road. That's when, all members will stand around weeping like fools.

State Board of Violators said...

Edwards Asphalt Company will pave that dirt road from end to end, white line, parking berms with concrete resistors, numbered parking stalls, reinstall outgoing phone calls, and all day parking meters. This will go into effect 1/1/2012. Annual parking passes will no longer be issued. No exceptions.

The Enforcer said...

Over my dead body. They will never pave our 'Heritage Dirt Road! NEVER. I don't know who's behind it, but it ain't gonna' fly. She was here with Barney, and Eddie, and Hammertoe, and Pappy Procter.
Numbered parking spaces. My ass.

Craig Ephriam said...

I've a gut feeling that Brian Ephriam is behind this whole thing.

Leonard Turner said...

Craig, Brian is the new direction for San Onofre's resurgence. Brian Ephriam and Dennis Dowden are the new leaders. The dirt road shall remain unpaved. The Club won.

Matt Lombard said...

Dennis Dowden? There's a blast from the past.

Judge Judy said...

Leonard Turner, Dennis Dowden, Brian Ephriam, Matt Lombbard, Jed Morose, Al Gee, Freddie the Legend, and all the beautiful people of San Onofre, we love you.

T Bird said...

How do you starve an Obama supporter?

It's really very simple.
Just hide their food stamps
under their work shoes.

Swollen said...

T-Bird, you are way funny.

Fats Flannighan said...

That damn road is so furrowed you could plant corn in it.


We're planting weed.

Up Tight said...

Yo, bros, lemme' have some. I gots to loosen up fast. YOWZAH!

Officer Hanlon SCPD said...

'Up Tight', why do you think they call it dope?

Check it Out said...

Leonard Turner convicted of dui.

Curly Dahl said...

Narrow minded leftovers from the great depression are against weed. Get over it and stop hiring illegal aliens and their offspring you friggin moroons. Republicans or democrats are all wholes. Rush Limbaugh is a friggin circus clown. Wake the Fu-- up you idiots. Get Bif the he'll out of greenhorn.

Cheech & Chong said...

Curley, old pal, weed, hash, mary-jane,and all that 'up in smoke' crap is for folks who lack self comfidence. You gots fath in yourself you don't need sweed the 'weed'.

Flying Turd said...

Whatever happened to San-O Daze.

Anonymous said...

Case Summary
Case Number: 11HM17757
OC Pay Number: 6966041
Originating Court: Harbor - Newport Beach Facility
Defendant: Turner, Leonard Roy
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Height(ft/in) : 6'1"
Weight (lbs): 165
Last Name First Name Middle Name Type
Turner Leonard Roy Real Name
Turner Leonard Ray Alias
Case Status:
Status: Convicted
Case Stage:
Release Status: Released on Own Recognizance
Warrant: N
DMV Hold : N
Charging Document: Complaint
Mandatory Appearance: Y
Owner's Resp: N
Amendment #: 0
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1 0 10/16/2011 23152(a) VC M Driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs GUILTY 12/22/2011 Pled Guilty 12/22/2011
2 0 10/16/2011 23152(b) VC M Drive while blood alcohol level is 0.08% or more Dismissed 12/22/2011
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Date Hearing Type - Reason Courtroom Hearing Status Special Hearing Result
12/22/2011 Arraignment - H8 Heard waives statutory time for
Seq # Sentence Date Sentence
1 12/22/2011 3 years Probation
2 12/22/2011 $390.00 Fines
3 12/22/2011 9 months First Offender Alcohol Program
4 12/22/2011 Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) Victim's Impact Panel
5 12/22/2011 80 hours Community Service
6 12/22/2011 49 hours Service in lieu of fine
7 12/22/2011 Restitution
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1 INFORMAL 3 years 12/21/2014
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Active 12/22/2011 12/21/2014

HPD said...

Let's see B.K's rap sheet,yeah let's see that thing. Nothing but a two bit thug bullying the little guy. Look here B.K. your number is up!


Look here HPD. I have nothing to do with that post. I would never bully that old broken down fool with the drinking problem.

I Found da Goods said...

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Case Number: SH619662
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Warrant: N
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Mandatory Appearance: N
Owner's Resp: N
Amendment #: 0
Seq S/A Violation Date Section Statute OL Violation Plea Plea Date Disposition Disposition Date
1 0 02/26/2008 25620 BP I Public Possession of Open Container GUILTY 07/02/2008 Pled Guilty 07/02/2008
Role Badge Agency Name
Law Enforcement Officer 4993 SHER Prescott, J
Heard Hearings:
Date Hearing Type - Reason Courtroom Hearing Status Special Hearing Result
06/03/2008 Arraignment - S7 Heard
07/02/2008 Arraignment - S7 Heard
07/03/2008 Arraignment - S7 Cancel
Seq # Sentence Date Sentence
1 07/02/2008 $20.00 Fines

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