Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Full Public Hearing For SONGS Restart Possible

May 13 (Reuters) - An independent nuclear regulatory panel on Monday called for a full public hearing on the proposed restart of one of the two damaged San Onofre nuclear reactors, a move that could delay Southern California Edison's effort to operate the plant this summer. The Atomic Safety and Licensing Board has ruled in favor of hearings, but the game is not over.


Putzle said...

Hey Carton, what was that you were saying about you staying on top of all the fuckin' SPAM if we got rid of word verification? Dude this shit is out of control and fuggin ridiculous to have to deal with especially when it's so simple to not have to deal with all the bullshit from these faggot spammers by using word verification. What's your beef with word verification anyways?

Stop sleepin' on the job ya drunk fuck. These four were posted within about 45 minutes of each other on the same day and this is after I had already deleted a shitload. WTF, over???

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