Wednesday, March 18, 2009


My good friend Dennis Kemp Maker of Ohana Kemp Surfboards Was in the Orange County Register yesterday. Way to go Dennis, and thank you for making such a great board, I know I love my 4 or is it 5 or maybe its 6, anyways the're "PRIMO"!


Anonymous said...

Murpy, pimp my boards.

Otis Chandler said...

Murphy, the article is about Dennis Kemp. Your footnote about yourself is not good journalism so cut the horn tooting.

orson quincy said...

A unfortunate story surfaced in a San Clemente paper involving, as usual surfing drugees. This time Surfer's Journal and some guy from thhe 80's with an animal's name. No, not da'Bull. The poor fellow appareantly fell pray to a magazine who didn't check it's sources. Big time mags double check hearsay, this one let it slide, fortunatly it prevailed with the presiding jury. But, that's how the tootsie rolls.

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