Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Public Service Announcement: Obey The Leash Law


SAG said...

Sidney, I was at that gawd awful beach Sunday when a ferroious, violant, vicious animal, owned by a Club member, bit my foot. Twelve stitches and a trip to the ER. One member said, don't come down here if uou don't want to get bit.

Cesar Milan said...

Welcome back Sydney!

Anonymous said...

Mr.Carton Esq. San Onofre Surf Beach has enuff problems without you and your kind reminding people about that beach


snoopy said...

I hate that place!

surf without a leash said...

What's the fine for surfers off the leash. If there was a leash law that said no "surf leashes" at san-o the line up would be less populated. Hell there's people out there that can't even swim that are trying to surf.The only thing that saves them is a "leash law" OBEY or be fined or better yet drown....

johnny cochran said...


BOW WOW said...

mr.Cochran, is Dogtown still the skateboard capitol of USA. Skatebording is not a crime, but skateboarders are criminals, alright.

Anonymous said...

If the kooks at San Onofre knew how to ride they wouldnt knead a leash. They are old geezers trying to recapture their youth abd that summertime rapture.


Anonymous said...

If you like Edie Bicknrll you'll love Jessica Callhoun.


Haystack Calhoun said...

Syd, finally talent has returned and with it quality posting. These goof balls are still posting google photos and trying to be funny with no imagination. You are a welcomed sight.

Dingo said...

Telling it like it is! Finally some truthful reporting here.

Anonymous said...

That gets better each time I view it. And it only took 3 months to do it!

Haystack Calhoun said...

Sydney should receive a Pulitzer for this reporting. I have submitted his name for consideration.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I call bulschiit on you, Sytney Esq. What's the song title and artist. ASCAP and BMI gonna sue you ass.

[Superior Court]


The sky is falling activists are back at it again with their war cry, "Save Trestles", but they refuse to say from what. Tsunami, avalanche, flood, oil drilling, parking meters, speed berms, like what's the emergency. Please, anybody.

Anonymous said...

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