Monday, September 28, 2009

Meet the Doctor in charge of the New Government Health Care Program


Anonymous said...

Being President of the United States is a hard job. We, as a whole voted for Obama, and we should wish him luck, since all of our fates are tied up together.

Of course, disagreeing with any policy he suggests is fair. Since he is half White and half Black, he represents the race of most of us. It would be nice if those who dislike him could refrain from making fun of him as a Black person as it shows a kind of hatred that we should be over by now. Simply having Black blood does not make an individual less capable of making policy decisions. Please show a little more class. I don't understand why bloggers must go to the lowest common denominator when there is plenty to criticize that is not racial, religious or personal.

puttzle said...


Independent Voter said...

He's black?

I didn't notice.

Only thing that I'm aware of is that he is totally incompetent.

Now lets review those pictures of Bush as Hitler and the chimp comparisons that you stupid "leftys" proudly displayed for the last 8 years.

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