Monday, September 20, 2010


Something must be done to save our San Onofre beach before it's too late.
Before long there will be 400 surfboards in the water at the same time. It is anticipated 25 riders will occupy one wave. The Rangers are at San Onofre Surf Beach to prevent alcohol consumption and ticket parking violators. It is the responsibility of San Onofre club members to clean open latrines
1 thru 6 five times daily. Boogie boards and canvas inflatable surf mats are encouraged at Old Man's while beach is open. Thank you for your cooperation.


golly doosler said...

It's about time. They're to lax up there. Those darn volleyballers are taking over San Onofre,

John Millius said...

I'm in the process of rewriting Big Wednesday. I'm going to call the next feature 'Weed is Good' it's about 3 hapless surfers at San Onofre who have decided to waste their entire life smoking pot and being conformist loser's! Do you have anyone in mind? I certainly do.

gary busey said...

Mr. Millius, I sure do, not only that
but I might add 26 more hopeless people
who shall never make it. Their theory, too, is "Weed is good". Do you think Mr.Aaberg will co-write the project. I hope he does.

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