Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bathroom #4 Locals

Here we have "Poopdick Pappy" also known as "Wiskbroom Johnny" a regular at bathroom #4. Johnny hails from Hermosa Beach and lives on ricecakes and applesauce. He, like Leonard Turner likes to bum food but unlike Leonard he does not mooch beer. he is an avid surfer and prefers the slow mushy rollers of San Onofre rather than the world class waves near his home. Someday he will own a motorhome that absolutely no one will ever step foot in. Oops. He already does. No one has ever seen the inside of his motorhome, NO ONE. My guess is it is full of body parts or illicit drugs or perhaps a small arsenal. Stop by bathroom #4 sometime and enjoy a visit with this weeks 'Bathroom #4 Local' Poopdick Pappy.

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Racist Ron said...

People can be so easy to read. Like if their face is red, they're embarrassed. Or if their skin is brown, they're about to commit a crime.

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