Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tubesteak's Health

Is Tube okay? I saw headlines that the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station has been closed down for the last three months because they found that Tubesteak was showing signs of unusual wear ("Unusual Wear Of Tube Shuts Down Nuclear Reactor"). I didn't even know Tube was working at the nuclear plant. Apparently Tube's job is to carry radioactive water to and from the nuclear reactors.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) won't let San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG&E) restart the nuclear reactor until they figure out what's causing Tubesteak's condition (San Onofre To Remain Closed Until Problem With Tube Solved). I thought maybe that someone had overreacted or that maybe Tubesteak just needed a little rest and would be up and around soon, but then the Washington Post's headline caught my eye -- "Additional Tube Wear Found At Troubled San Onofre Nuclear Plant On California Coast." This is obviously worse than I thought.

How much wear and tear can one man take? Why didn't they hire someone to help Tube carry all that radioactive water when they expanded the number of reactors from one to three? Unusual wear? He's doing the work of at least three men. What did they expect? The thought of our beloved Tubesteak running from reactor to reactor carrying all that radioactive water, until he collapses from exhaustion, is weighing heavy on my heart. Look at the picture. That is just one of the reactor pools that Tube has to change the water in, bucket by bucket, every day.
I've lost Tube's phone number. Can anyone who can reach him check to see how he is? Have they done an MRI? EKG? Some blood tests?


unt said...

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Treyvon Morand said...

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Anonymous said...

its not just the relevent news of the street that goes unreported. look at the trade deficit, the endless short sale/foreclosure mess, printing and borrowing dollars like its going out of style. the lack of real reporting is conspicuous by its absence.

Julia said...

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puttzle said...


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