Tuesday, May 08, 2012

My Parking Spot Dude!


Dr. Leonard Turner, MD,DUI said...

BK and a Biff were sitting in an examining room at a crowded fertility clinic waiting to give their specimens when a hot young blonde nurse walks in and addresses them.
"Okay, we'll be getting your samples now, Mr. Kook, you're up first," she says to the BK.
"Are you going to set me up with some porn?"
"Oh, no sir, ObamaCare requires that I handle that for you," she responds as she pulls the privacy curtain closed.
The last thing Biff sees is the smug look on BK's face. The nurse grabs a specimen cup, whips Mr. Kook's gown aside and starts giving him a hand job. Just as he cums, she catches it expertly in the cup, seals it, labels it and sets it aside with his chart. Going around the curtain, she addresses the other patient.
"Okay, Biff, you're next." Biff is MORE than ready. With her handy specimen cup ready, she whips his gown aside, gets on her knees and proceeds to give him an expert blow job. The sucking sounds and Biff's moans get BK's attention and he peeks around the curtain just in time to see Biff cum in the nurse's mouth. She spits the sample in the cup, seals it, labels it and sets it aside with the patient chart. BK is LIVID.
"What the fuck is that? You gave me a hand job and Biff there gets a blow job?! That's racist! Discrimination! That's bullshit!"
The nurse calmly picks up the charts and samples and addresses him with a smile, "No sir, that's not discrimination, that's the difference between private insurance and ObamaCare."
Just remember, if you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance.

Anonymous said...

Keep your soft brained Rush Limbauugh moronic rants outa here you brain dead Romney boot lickin foo!

michelle bachman said...

that was rush liumbaugh posing as a blonde nurse! he's famous for pulling that stunt!!!!

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