Wednesday, March 21, 2007

San Clemente," Nut Case."

Three men accused of operating what police described as a sadomasochistic "dungeon" that included castrations have been sentenced to jail time. Richard Peter "Camper Rick" , his partner of 20 years Dingo, and the man they called their slave, Sydney Carton Esquire, pleaded guilty to felony castration and maiming. Superior Court Judge Dennis Winner said it was difficult to call the dungeon's willing patients "victims," but he said six castrations performed there were certainly a crime.

"I think this is a type of perversion that cannot be tolerated by society," Winner said during a sentencing hearing Monday.

In plea bargains, Camper Rick, 62, was sentenced to a year in prison, though he has served all but two weeks of that time.Sydney, 72, was sentenced to eight months in prison, and Dingo, 41, received four months. Sydney and Dingo have already served their sentences and will enter four and two months of house arrest, respectively, and three years of supervised probation.

In exchange for the pleas, the state dropped charges of misdemeanor practicing medicine without a license and conspiracy.

Prosecutors said the men ran a sadomasochistic "dungeon" fashioned from an enclosed carport in 2004 and 2005 at a house in a quiet neighborhood in San Clemente, Calif. Six men, some from as far away as South America, came to the home for castration, while others went seeking other types of body-modification surgery, prosecutors said.


J. Dahmer said...

Gee, those guys a sicko's

I'm very impressed!! said...

It's O.K. doc just put the mouse down and step away from the keyboard. You're starting to scare me, we've talked about this before.

We don't put that personality on paper, we keep him locked up in the mind.

Dr. Ralph said...

Very well, as you wish.

Anonymous said...

Why not come out and admit it. Dingo was sodamized big time and shall never be the same. OUCH! "You want to stick that thing where, you gotta' be kidding," said Dingo.

Dr. Ralph said...

Is that all you have to say, Anonymous?

Sweet-N-Low said...

Now doc be nice to him. I know why he doesn't have much to say, and I admit from experience it is difficult to do. It's not something you would understand, right Anonymous?

Here, I'll explain it to the doc for you.

Doc, it's hard to talk with your mouth full.


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