Wednesday, March 21, 2007

What would you do?

Let’s suppose you are a twenty-five-year-old Staff Sargent. in the United Stares Marine Corps.

You decided not to re-up and make a career of it. You have never been in combat, and have one year left to serve. So you volunteer for duty in Iraq.

Fast forward: You are there in Iraq on convoy patrol. You are in a town known not to be friendly to you, citizens or otherwise.

You are in the second vehicle of the convoy, the one behind you is all of a sudden blown sky high, there are parts of the vehicle falling all around you, all in the vehicle are lost.

Up ahead there is a car with Iraqi citizens in it, the road bomb was probably detonated by remote, so you holler, out of the car on the ground. Instead they exit the car and begin to run, you open fire killing all of them.

Up ahead there is a house, you are now taking fire, based on line of sight you determine it is where you are receiving fire from.

Now you have contacted command, your instructions are to go house to house. You approach the house, kick the door open and toss a frag in, you yell clear and enter.

All are dead, men, woman and children, there are no weapons found. You notice the back door is open, you pursue, it leads to yet another house. The same protocol is followed, with the same results.

You have done everything by the book, as you were trained to do.

And now you are on trail for murder. What would you have done?

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Product of the Sixties said...

You do as you are trained and ordered to do!!

Ask Lt. Calley !!

New rules of engagement ?? Kill them all and let ALLAH sort them out!!

Moon Phase