Wednesday, April 25, 2007

A title for Dingo's post. Happy?

More Don stories can be found here.
Thanks to the people who knew Don for the additions.Posted by Picasa


untitled said...

For the love of God, title your posts Dingo. Really. Please.

I can figure it out! said...


KMMFA said...

My dearest I can't figure it

untitled said...

"A" for speed
"C-" cleverness
"F" for relating title to subject matter of post

huggy bear said...

Nice pic Dingo!

the culprit. said...

All things I factored in, especially relating to the subject matter. Placation was utmost in my small mind. No offense intended.

I just wanted to know more said...

Don't necessarily expect much in the way of any follow up in the newspaper ever identifying Don Wells as the body that was found.

I contacted the reporter to see what would be further reported, and especially if the Medical Examiner's report gave information on the cause of death, etc. They told me that they don't usually even report suicides . . . probably for one of two reasons: it cuts into reports about Brittany Spears exposing her beaver or Alex Baldwin leaving a tyrannical message for his 12-year-old daughter . . . wow, that's news,
or suicides are just not unusual enough to be “news.” In checking statics in San Diego County (where San Onofre is located), I found this: "Suicide now ranks first among causes of non-natural death in San Diego County, exceeding deaths by motor vehicle crashes, homicide, drug overdose, and other non-natural causes. From 1995 through 2004, suicide took the lives of 3,331 San Diegans, claiming about one person each day, and outnumbering homicides (1,416) by 2.35 to 1."

The medical examiner says that their reports can take up to 90 days to issue.

bill-o said...

Thanks for posting your pictures in a large format so I can see them in full view when I click on them. I hate clicking a link and only finding tiny little pictures, and it is probably more trouble to post them big, which again, I appreciate.

Patrick McCann said...


I love coming here.
I learn new words.
This seems to be either a city in Orange County or a misspelling of "Playstation."

Anonymous said...

read more Pat!

the culprit said...

pla·cate (plā'kāt', plăk'āt') pronunciation
tr.v., -cat·ed, -cat·ing, -cates.

To allay the anger of, especially by making concessions; appease. See synonyms at pacify.

[Latin plācāre, plācāt-, to calm.]
placater pla'cat'er n.
placation pla·ca'tion (plā-kā'shən) n.
placatory pla'ca·to'ry (-tôr'ē, -tōr'ē) or pla'ca'tive (-kā'tĭv) adj.

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