Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Contest Kook.

Another Sizemore fan.


Anonymous said...

I resent the innuendo that I be a contest kook. Is the Sizemore you mention misspelled, and should be refered to as Contest Entrepanuer Mr.Seymour. Please make your correction.

Dr. Ralph said...

Ok sure,I will get right on it.

El Canejo said...

Tracy are you getting grouchy in your old age????

Aliso Circle parties!!!!!!

wheaton Smith said...

Tom Sizemeore has fans?

la gaviota said...

Rabbit, Tracy Sizemore is not only a wonderful, close pal but a San Onofre treasure.. Is he still alive and kicking?

El Canejo said...

Sea Gull !!

Last I heard he was alive and kicking, though that has been many moons ago!!

Since Mi Amigo retired and moved to the southern tip of Baja a few years ago I am not sure if some jealous husband caught up to the Aliso Kid or not???

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