Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Let me introduce myself!


not the blog monitor said...

Okay, I'm interested.
But I have learned to be cautious.
A lot of women you meet through the internet have stunning “glamor pics” that they paid hundreds of dollars for; pictures that have been airbrushed to the max. When you meet them in real life, you find that although their glamor pic had them looking like a 9 (like you do in this picture), they actually rate about a 3 or a 4. And then you find out that the glamor pic was taken about 15 years earlier too.

So, before we arrange to meet, you’ll have to assure me that the next picture you post of yourself is
(1) recent
(2) not taken by a professional photographer
(3) not retouched

Oh, and I have the same underwear. We’ll get along great!

It used to be better said...


The last post that remotly had anything to do with San-o was by Dingo on Monday!

Here's an idea! Why not start a blog about San-o?


Right on! This is like tuning into a bunch of cackling hens on The View!

puttzle said...

FYI all you complainers about how this is no longer San-Ocentric:

I am back in the area and am planning on starting a new blog that may be like the old San-O Daze. If I get enough 'contributions', it may hasten launch. Email me for my Pay Pal account info.

On a different note, a hearty WELCOME to our newest member, Sweet-N-Low!

shut up you stupid whiner said...

Dear "It used to be better"

Here's some of the riveting news you have missed:

~ there were some drunks at San-O Tuesday - one vomited in bathroom #4 - pictures to follow,

~ there were dogs running loose and pooping at dogpatch and to the south on Wednesday -description of smells to follow,

~ some guy at the point was shoulder hopping everyone late Wednesday afternoon - police artist sketch to follow,

~ two tourists from Santa Monica got tickets for parking in a no parking zone, also on Wednesday - rant about State Rangers to follow,

~ and some guy got into the bed of a pick up truck and stole 3 beers from the cooler this morning at Old Mans - just like the good old days.

If you need an update on the moms with strollers and their screaming brats, or the losers sitting in lawn chairs or standing by the fire ring or by the logs, all chatting about the old days (most of whom weren’t there and are full of shit), then get real. The real San-O is boring most days, so we fill in the other days with entertaining things. They’re not entertaining to you? Well, you probably expect me to then tell you to change the channel. No, I have better advice for you. Go f---yourself.

shut up you stupid whiner said...

Dear Rosie O'Donnell ~

No, it's like running into the stupid old loser roosters at San-O cackling about the "good old days" and the time Dora did this or Pop Proctor did such-and-such. Shit. If that is what you want, order a couple of Huell Howser tapes.

pooh williams said...

Stupid Whiner, you rule, however, I'm not sure it wasn't Joe Green and D.Dowdlin.

Huell Howser said...

Wow! I interviewed Seymour at Doheny. Golly!

Sweet-N-Low said...

Thank you Puttzle I appreciate that. You sir are a true gentelman.

Sorry to say the only thing I know about surfing is this.

All surfers are HOT!!!! I haven't found an ugly one yet. The beach is lovely, the ocean is fairly clean, and the tourists drive me crazy.

The only thing I really care about is this.


What more do I need to know?

But if it makes you feel any better, no matter what the topic is somewhere I'll say "All surfers are hot!!".


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