Saturday, May 12, 2007

Crossing Guard At Our Local Public School


Anonymous said...

Sydney Carton Esq., you are a sick-o.

Freud said...

But you're the one with the porno ink blots, doc!

Anonymous said...


:) said...

Those big "D"s hang low.
That's sweet.
They've sweet and they're low.

Anonymous said...

Do you have any of her pee-ing?

nice try idiot said...

You meant that
they're sweet
they're low.

green with envy said...

That full screen depiction if S&L is morbid. I've seen better heads in a cabbage patch.

Anonymous said...

This explains it. A picture of Sydney Catron camping at State Beach.

incredible hulk said...

Oh, wow, anonymous, that photo of Syd pinching a loaf is way better than the full shot of :)exposing her wrinkled torso. It's no wonder she wants no photos of her. Anonymous, I bet dollars to dough-nuts that giant dump Syd's suffering through, gots to really be putrid.

Sweet-N-Low said...

I'm wrinkled and have big saggy tits. That's the best you guys could come up with? I hope you didn't hurt yourselves thinking those up.

Then to top it off, one of you can't even spell.

I can't respond to that, it's just plain to easy. Come on guys, at least make me think.

Remember you are the dominating gender.


I'm sorry I tried to keep a straight face on that one.


Anonymous said...

Thank you S&L for keeping a straght face, however, that shouldn't of been hard for you to do.

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