Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Hypothetic And Realistic

Hypothetic And Realistic

A little boy came home from school and his homework
assignment was to find out what the difference was
between hypothetically and realistically... so he
asked his dad.

His dad said, "Well, go ask your mom if she would
sleep with the mail man for $1,000,000.
He went and asked and came back and said, "She said

"Well", said the dad, "Go ask your sister the same
He did and came back and said,
"She said yes."

And the dad said, "Now go ask your brother the same
He did and came back and said, "He said yes too!"
And the dad said,

"Well hypothetically we're
sitting on three million dollars,

realistically ..we're living with 2 whores and a fag!


sascha said...

I'm a gay guy, I take offense at your post regarding faggots.

smokin' joe said...

You got it all wrong! Fags are cigarettes.

lsmft said...

Smokey, huffers are ciggies. A fag, is a fag, is a fag. Period, end of report!

Sweet-N-Low said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!

That's all you got out of it, was offended?
Lighten up buddy, it was just s stupid joke.

Are you one of those people where you're only happy when you're miserable or complaining? I sure hope not, because life is way to short to waste it on misery.


Jerry Seinfeld said...

Stupid joke? I don't think so. I liked it.

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