Monday, October 31, 2011

Do You Still Beat Your Wife?

Paddy McCoy, an elderly Irish farmer, received a letter from the Department
for Work & Pensions stating that they suspected he was not paying his
employees the statutory minimum wage and they would send an inspector to
interview them.

On the appointed day, the inspector turned up.
"Tell me about your staff," he asked Paddy.
"Well," said Paddy, "there's the farm hand, I pay him £240 a week, and he
has a free cottage.
Then there's the housekeeper. She gets £190 a week, along with free board
and lodging.
There's also the half-wit. He works a 16 hour day, does 90% of the work,
earns about £25 a week along with a bottle of whisky and, as a special
treat, occasionally gets to sleep with my wife."

"That's disgraceful" said the inspector, "I need to interview the half-wit."

"That'll be me then," said Paddy.


Dumber Than Dumb said...

Oh, well, nothing ventured, nothing

Anonymous said...

I'm going home, and never coming back.

Why Am I So Dumb said...

Anon', I'm going wit you, this is too much.

TA DA said...

"Here, take my wife, please.

Aesop's Fable. said...

Hey, BIGKOOK, why don't you tell the one about Officer Callahan and the Peruvian Squirrel.

O.J said...


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