Friday, August 25, 2006

Addams denounces new San Onofre dog law

San Clemente (UPI) - Wednesday Addams has condemned a new San Clemente law requiring all dogs to be muzzled at San Onofre State Beach, adopted this week after a pit bull attacked a toddler.

"I don't think a Yorkshire terrier or a lapdog constitute any great danger to the population," Addams, a former film star known for her animal rights activism, said in a statement published Friday in the daily Tribune de San Clemente newspaper.

"Unfortunately it's always the dogs paying the price for their masters' ignorance, irresponsibility and bad behavior," said Addams .

The new law, announced Monday, came after an 18-month-old girl was attacked by a pit bull at San Onofre Surf Beach, leaving the child badly disfigured. The law applies to the 40,000 daily dog visitors to the beach. Owners face fines if they are found in breach of the new law, including public caning and deportation.

"If I owned a dog in San Clemente I would simply ignore the law," said animal rights campaigner Tubesteak Tracy , who has worked with Addams to protect baby seals from Canadian hunters, having formerly starred together in several teenage beach movies in the 1960s. "To muzzle an animal amounts to mistreating it. It loses its dignity and its pride. It’s a matter of priorities. Are we going to protect our children from scars that can often be improved with only a few plastic surgeries, or are we going to harm the psyche of animals by muzzling them for the hours a day that they are at the beach? Dogs need exercise and need to relieve themselves somewhere. Do you want them shitting on the fifth green of your country club or on the treadmill at your gym? The dogs deserve this beach.”


Snoopy said...

Right on Tubesteak!

Astro said...

YoU aRe DoG'S BeST FRieND TuBeSTeaK!

suzie said...

Yeah, more dogs running loose to bite me!

rex said...

one time i saw daryl the dog diamond bite aguys ear off at the point. does he need a muzzle?

Da Dog said...

Thats not what I heard was bitten off!

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