Tuesday, August 01, 2006


(CBS) This story originally aired on March 19, 2006.

As a government scientist, James Hansen is taking a risk. He says there are things the White House doesn't want you to hear but he's going to say them anyway.

Hansen is arguably the world's leading researcher on global warming. He's the head of NASA's top institute studying the climate. But as correspondent Scott Pelley first reported last spring, this imminent scientist says that the Bush administration is restricting who he can talk to and editing what he can say. Politicians, he says, are rewriting the science.

But he didn't hold back speaking to Pelley, telling 60 Minutes what he knows.
For those of you who did not see 60 Minutes I am publishing this excerp. Take the time to read the artcle and make your own judgment. Just log on to 60 Minutes.com.


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This scientist should turn his attention to the line at San 'O.

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brownhole photographed

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