Thursday, August 03, 2006

Andy Rooney says

Why do certain parts of the anatomy continue to grow? While others do not. Take for instance my eye brows, they have been this long sense I was in my mid thirties or so. My ears and nose have gotten a lot bigger too.

I had surgery once, they shaved me from stem to stern. When all the hair grew back, it was the same length as far as I could tell.

My fingers,toes and feet have been the same size sense I was probable twenty one. I was six feet two back then, I think I am a little shorter now and probable weigh a little more too. My suite size is about the same, except for the waist size on my pants.

Can you imagine if certain other parts of the anatomy continued to grow? Things that I can't mention here without a lot of flack. It would be really cool at first, but by the time you were my age it might be a problem. You would have to get it trimmed surgically. It would be painful and cost a lot of money. Thank God that hasn't happened yet.

authored by: Dr. Ralph


Old Man said...

Everything shrinks except your hose and your nose!

Anonymous said...

This guy is a walking, talking, piece of human excrement with a t.v. audience. I was dismayed to find him on sano daze. I am going elsewhere for my news from now on.

where is yout sence of humor said...

Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out anonymous. While you are at it, stick your dismayed head where the sun does'nt shine.

Dr. Browneye said...

Anonymous's sence of humor IS in his ASS!!!!!

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