Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Guinea Pig, Smuinea Pig. You think you got problems Archy!

The stupid dog I adopted from the S.P.C.A. ain't right either. He got off his lease and ran to the park. By the time I huff and puff my back side up there behind him, he's already at it with a kid, who's dad starts yelling that I'm a child molester via canine proxy and the dog and me need to be registered as sex offenders! He starts hollering that he's going to hire Gloria Allred.

I tell him that it was an accident that he got off his leash and he says to me "Accident, Smaccident!" and takes a swing at me.


Dr. Balph said...

Y I K E S !

Snoopy said...

I blame the little temptress!

Anonymous said...

So do I, maybe she's from UCLA.

wayco said...


Moon Phase