Monday, December 17, 2007


It's hard to believe that this goes on in the USA, much less the Capistrano Unified School District! Click here to find out more!


Anonymous said...

Orale, ese, everyone stands around and lets it happen, what do you expect. Go to a 'mexican restaruant, an celebrate their victory, huevos pendejos, cabrone.

F. U. Gringo said...

Capo today, Sano manana. Your days are numbered, diablo blanco! This is ours and there aint nothing you can do about it. George W. and Hilary represent Mexico!

Anonymous said...

Hola, mexicano, how many spics does it take to screw in a light bulb.

I risked my life in the Milatry for this?? said...

Now can we not all just get along, after all the border crossed us we did not cross the border.

We all know that the minutemen is nothing but the KKK with out sheets.

We are just peace loving race of people who just want nothing else but too

1. Have free medical
2. Have free Social Security
3. Have free schooling
4. Have free food
5. Have free housing
6. Have the opportunity to take away the jobs of your children who used to work in the fast food industry because we will work for less!
7. We can do this because we can move into a 2 bedroom apartment and have five families' living in there, put our trash and dirty diapers in the street.

8. We love America cause no one wants to do anything about us!!!

9. The ones who do are called racist's and Nazi lovers.

Jose Delinquinada said...

me no like you gringos. America is one giant pussy waiting to be screwed! Areeeeeeeeeeeeba!!!


Here's why Hillary Clinton will not become president.

She's ugly. Good night! She could promise to repeal the income tax tomorrow and still wouldn't cut it. She's just not attractive. There's no way around it.

Margeret Thatcher was ugly too, but people in England thought she was a male or at the very least, Alistair Cooke, which lent a regal credibility to her. Hillary Jefferson Cunton reminds everyone of the unselected leisure-suited witch in their life, be it recovering alcoholic lesbian spinster aunt or poodle haired real estate agent. She is easily the worst representative of the word female one could credibly put in front of the voting public. Her penis envy shows on her puffy, weary, Soviet face in every single picture. When she smiles, it can never mask the companionship of the wide eyes of surprise, the tell-tale sign of an enraged person who must over-emote to hide the smoldering within.

Sure, there are other reasons that invalidate this dumpy, water-logged totalitarian's grab for power.

She's a she. The American public does not want a leader who is prone to emotional outbursts and fits of irrationality.

Her voice. A public already weary of George Bush's fumbledumble way of speaking will not put up with a shrill woman who says "Ya know" more times than your average NBA center.

But ugly is really all you need to score this one.

Anonymous said...

Hey now, Risk my Life. Did you boycot Mexican restaurants, well, yes or no?

IN HARMS WAY said...

Yes I just eat at the SPANISH food palaces'

Elmer Dills said...

We eat at home now.

ready to fight said...

Do you know that the gang leaders tell the young members to join the army so they can get training in high tech weapons! It's true, you can check it out!

i hate them all said...

Yeah, but the high tech weapons are low riders with hydrolic lifts that bounce down the street with out insurance and shoot saturday night specials at children at play.

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