Thursday, December 13, 2007

Photo Shoot

Let's face it, going to any California traffic court is a pain. No one wants to waste their time at a place which makes you feel like you have no chance of winning. And that is EXACTLY what the courts wants you to think: it's far easier to pay the fine or take traffic school than to fight your ticket. In reality, they've set up the system, not for justice but for revenue, otherwise why would they make it so convenient to pay up?

Unfortunately, most drivers are completely unaware of their legal rights when they attend traffic court. That's why most unprepared drivers are quickly found guilty. Don't let this happen to you if you're holding a red light camera ticket! First of all, the photos are viewed by the private company that maintains the cameras,guilty looking photos are sent to local authorities. Alleged violators receive a citation in the mail, and must pay a hefty fine. This is unconstitutional, you have been denied the right to appear in front of your accuser.


S. Beach said...

This reminds me of a story about a guy in Phoenix who ran a red light. The cops sent him the picture showing him running the light and a hefty citation. In return, he sent them a picture of his check for the fine. The cops then sent him a picture of handcuffs. He paid the fine!

Dr. Ralph said...

Yes in deed S. Beach.


Here's a suggestion. How about stopping at reds instead of running them? Problem solved!

JOE FRIDAY said...

Could this be Dr Ralph?

Judge Rudy said...

Well, if you get your picture taken at San Onofre, you get to face your accusers. Puttzle and the Mayor will be there to see you get whats coming to you. And Osifer K will be the judge and Shariff Bob will pass sentence. GOOD LUCK!

DUH!!!!!!!!!! said...

I was listening to a talk radio station in the car this morning, mostly because I like doing that in the AM rather than listen to music. I guess it’s because I’m barely awake, possibly stoned, and the sound of two people spouting off their self-importance is neither interesting nor dull to me. Well, as it was later in the day than I’m used to, I ended up tuning in to two jackoffs I’ve never heard of before. They started talking about the increasing number of red-light cameras that are being put up in the DFW Metroplex, and their own faggoty disdain for them. One of these cocksuckers even went so far as to say they were only put up so the city could make some money. Ah, once again the idiots are opening their ignorant fucking mouths, and the LIBERAL amount of bullshit spews forth.

You want to know the only reason these cameras are put up? Open your eyes once in a while and you’d see. It seems every time I’m at an intersection some sorry fuckwad goes into Nascar Mode 500 yards from the yellowed light. And even though the light’s been red for a good two seconds, he still feels he has the right to cross it. I mean, who wants to sit at a light for a few minutes when it’s far more time-saving to risk the life of some poor fucker whose only crime is he’s not prepared for you to break the law, right? WRONG, asshole. Over the years, these scattered few harbingers of dickheadedness have been increasing in numbers. And since there’s never a cop around at those times, the idea of putting a camera up in order to deter that behavior is the most logical choice. If a big white box with flashing lights can do that, then I’m all for it. And sure, it might throw a few bucks in the city’s direction, but that’s a small price to pay if it makes people actually try putting their foot on the accelerator when the light turns green for them. Goddamn pussies.

Even still, I know there are a few of you bold motherfuckers out there who’ll say the hell with it and run the light anyway. And since I’m a whore like that, I say send in the photo of yourself that gets mailed to you later. Hell, if you go so far as to smile for the camera, flip it off, or (even better) throw up an ‘SnC RULES’ sign, I’ll even pay for part of your ticket. Just try not to get killed in the process. Personal triumph tastes far sweeter when you don’t have a steering wheel crushing your nutsack.

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