Thursday, January 10, 2008

Governor to Close San Onofre Permanately.

Los Angeles Times article


government mule said...

First things first. God bless Gov.Arnold for his take action move by shutting down San Onofre State Parks. Good for you Governer. Seconndly, no Corky Carrol's not gonna' save you this time. Visit Tubesteak' Diary for the real truth.

Anonymous said...

This is very, very sad, indeed. My husband and I met at that beach a number of years back. Now, what are we going to do, where are we going to go?


It will never happan. Classic political ploy of pretending to cut some popular service in order to gain support for raising taxes. Of course there is plenty of funds. Look what is spend on illegals! But try to raise taxes for caring for illegals and it will never pass. But tell the dumb voter that prisoners will be released, firemen and cops will be laid off, and popular parks will be closed and the idiot voter will support the tax increase!

It is not a revenue problem, IT IS A SPENDING PROBLEM!

Over the past 3 years, revenues have increased 23% while spending has increased 29%.

If all illegal were removed from this state, even with the San Francisco socialists in control, there should still be adequate funds.

Keep in mind that San Onofre is one of the few PROFFITABLE parks and will not be closed.

Arnold and the socialists are lying to you!

uncommonly good said...

But it is closed!

Dick Fontaine said...


You posted the 3000th story at San-O Daze!


Puttlze, please tell the little lady what she's won . . .


For the world to know she's reallt a man?

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