Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dog Patch Daddy-O

This hep-cat has been seen lurking about Dog Patch. Some believe he is an undercover Ranger while others think he just might be a Guvernator Plant, sent to seek information on toll road detractors.
Best advice is not to drink alcohol at SanO and watch out what you say at all times.


Anonymous said...

Moon Dog, how did you get that gawd-awful name, anyways? This is about Henry Ford, himself. Everybody knows Dr.Leroy Grannis took that photo at Malibu of Henry and Dudley. Why weren't you there?


Moon Doggie said...

Moon Doggie, in my opinion, was probably the biggest clown ever seen in the history of surfing. He gave me many laughs back then in the Hollywood take on surfing.

fix or repair daily said...

Can we go past Ford and talk about Chevy for a change?

Anonymous said...

how about we talk about a real character!!!

Anyone remember Bunker Spreckels??

gone but not forgotten said...

Oh yeah.

Moon Phase