Saturday, April 12, 2008

something to think about before surfing

Beach ban swimmers may face fines
Posted Fri Apr 11, 2008 1:45pm AEST Updated Fri Apr 11, 2008 1:44pm pst
Swimmers could be fined for entering the water at beaches that have been closed after this week's fatal shark attack at San Onofre State Beach
All beaches At San Onofre remain closed after 16-year-old bodyboarder Peter Edmonds was mauled by a shark at the "Point" on Tuesday morning.
Regional lifeguard co-ordinator Douglas Hardone the water is still murky and a large shark has been spotted further north at Trestles surf beach
Mr hardone says warning signs have been erected and people who ignore them risk a fine.
"There's always that possibility [of fines]. It is an absolute last resort," he said.
"Lifeguards have the ability provided to them under the Local Government Act to erect signs and they have the ability to enforce those signs under the act as well and that includes on-the-spot fines."
Mr Edmonds' funeral will be held in San Clemente at Lesnesky, next week.
The San Clemente boy's family has requested there be no media coverage of the service and is asking for its privacy to be respected.
The teenager was bodyboarding about 8:00am (pst) on Tuesday, when a shark bit him twice on the left leg.
Police are planning to recommend Mr Edmond's friend, 16-year-old Brock Curtis-Mathew, for a bravery award for trying to rescue him.
Mr Curtis-Matthew had returned to shore from the popular "Point" surf break, just north of the Old Mans , when he heard his school mate cry out in distress.
He said he saw a large, dark shape in the water but paddled out anyway.
"As I headed toward him, it looked like he was catching a wave and was heading back to shore," he said.
"Then I saw him on his back with his head above the water, then he turned so he was face-down.
"I thought he was only joking, so I went over to him and as I flipped him over, I saw his leg.''
Mr Curtis-Matthew said the water turned red as he saw two large bites on Mr Edmonds' left leg.
He dragged his friend to shore but could not revive him


Anonymous said...

Shotzy, why do you post this terrible news. The lad is gone, you can't unring the bell. IMHO, that stupid San Onofre should closed permently. Those chaps who frequent "The Point" should shoulder the blame.

Anonymous said...

So how come none of the rangers or lifeguards know anything about this?

Anonymous said...

Today, is Henry Ford's Day at Hermosa Pier. Will you attend, I will.

Anonymous said...

Hermosa pier, please take Henry back! He is nothing but polution at Sano!

Anonymous said...

Hey, all you Nonymous's, lay off. Henry is Lord and Master. Tomorrow you shall see a complete synopsis of our Henry being 'forever entombed in Hermosa 'Walk of Fame', with fellow honoree Peff Eich, Co-Founder of the once proud SOSC.

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear that Henry passed on. Next time I visit Hermosa I shall make a point of seeing where the great man is entombed.

Anonymous said...

'Nonymous #6, henry Ford's reains are sanctified underneath the palm-frond shack at Old Man's. The vase was transfered by the famous 'Dapper Dan' honor guard.

Anonymous said...

sHOTzy, you said they were going to praise Mr.Ford on your blog. Do you folks not know how t wrie. Sadly, there's nothing worse than yesterday's coffee grounds, is there? Please, no more boring The Point filler.

p.s. I'm Anon' #9

Anonymous said...

does dis meen the Oxbow is cancelled at Sano????

Anonymous said...

anon'#10, you may want to ask Mr.Henry Ford 'HOF' or Mr.Allan C.Moore, contest Supervisor.

Anonymous said...

Aloha, when's BK coming home to San Onofre. Does anyone know for sure.

Anonymous said...

BK shall return to Sano on Thursday, May 1st, in all his glory. He is requesting a parade,complete with floral floats and of course the Budweiser Truck must be parked at Old Man's for the entire day.

Anonymous said...

When is Enrique Fords paddle out?
We have heard that he died.

Anonymous said...

No soap, anonymous, Henry lives, aamof, he will be Grand Marshall at BK's out of jail parade.

Anonymous said...

Henry and the kook. Peas in a pod.

Anonymous said...

Who died and left Henry Ford as Allen Seymour?????

Anonymous said...

in lieu of flowers, did Henry leave a favorite charity he would like donations made to in his name.

Anonymous said...

Tuesday, April 08, 2008
FATAL – 8 April 2008 -- Lighthouse Beach, Ballina, New South Wales, Australia – surfer attacked
Peter Edmonds, 16, died of blood loss from his wounds after being bitten by a shark while bodyboarding with a friend at Lighthouse Beach, Ballina, New South Wales, Australia. The incident happened at 8am Tuesday 8 April 2008.

His friend Brock Curtis pulled him ashore following the attack, but was unable to resuscitate him. He was bitten twice on the left leg.

The attack happened in murky water close to the mouth of the Richmond River estuary.

Brock said he saw his friend in trouble and paddled out to him

The report from The West Australian newspaper describes the event:

"As he approached him he saw the water was beginning to turn red," Surf Life Saving NSW spokesman Stephen Leahy said later.

Brock told the Australian Associated Press (AAP) he saw a "big, grey shadow" pass by him but still paddled toward his stricken friend.

He was not afraid because he did not know what it was.

"In the water I was in line with him (Peter) and noticed that he was in a bit of trouble," he said.

"As I headed towards him it looked like he was catching a wave and was heading back to shore.

"Then I saw him on his back with his head above the water so then he turned so he was face down.

"I thought he was only joking, so I went over to him and as I flipped him over I saw his leg."

Brock dragged Peter to shore and tried in vain to resuscitate him, only for him to die of blood loss.

"He didn't make one noise," he said.

A shark expert at Taronga Zoo, which keeps the Australian
Shark Attack File, said it was most likely a Bull shark.

Australian Shark Attack File
Australian Associated Press

Sydney Morning Herald
The West Australian

Anonymous said...

Fatal shark attack at Solana Beach
10:04 AM PDT, April 25, 2008

SOLANA BEACH -- A shark attacked and killed a swimmer today who was training in the ocean off San Diego County with a group of local triathletes, authorities said.

A man between 55 and 60 years old was swimming with others at Tide Beach around 7 a.m. when he was attacked, according to a statement on the Solana Beach city Web site.

The man, whose identity was not immediately released, was taken to the Fletcher Cove Park lifeguard station for emergency treatment but was pronounced dead at the scene, the statement said.

Swimmers were ordered out of the water for a 17-mile stretch around the attack site and the county Sheriff's Department sent up helicopters to scan the waters for the shark.

"The shark is still in the area. We're sure of that," Mayor Joe Kellejian said.

It was unknown what kind of shark was involved.

Solana Beach is 14 miles northwest of San Diego.

The last fatal shark attack in California, according to data from the state Department of Fish and Game, took place on Aug. 15, 2004, in Mendocino County at Kibesillah Rock.

A man who was skin diving for abalone was bitten by a white shark.

Overall, shark attacks are extremely rare. There were 71 reported worldwide last year, up from 63 in 2006. Only one attack, in the South Pacific, was fatal, according to the University of Florida.

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