Monday, April 28, 2008

SanO Squirrels Have Rabies

Multiple squirrel attacks on humans at San Onofre have resulted in Orange County Animal Control issuing this statement.
"Stay away from San Onofre until further notice. We are trying to get this deadly outbreak under control".


Anonymous said...

Moondog, thanks for keeping on top of things.
Yesterday, an infant was admitted to San Clemente General after been bitten by a rabid San Onofre squirrel. Between toll roads and infected vermin that beach ain't nothing, spelld with a capital N.

Anonymous said...

three of them tried to get me and chased me into my Range Rover. I had to call the ranger on my cell phone for assistance. He told me there is nothing they can do, the vicious outbreak is way beyond their control.

Saul Horowitz said...

SanO squirrels have Rabiis??


Anonymous said...

Saul baby, should that not be San Onofre Girls have babies.

Anon' #22, for sure.

Anonymous said...

no, it's SanO girls are squirrely.

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