Wednesday, September 03, 2008

More Monkeys - And Surfing Related


Anonymous said...

Mr.Carlton Esq. Does Tubes know you're trying to make a monkey out of him?


Spin Evans said...

This is the best yet, however I spoke to El Tuberoo just now and he is in court obtaining a T.R.O. due to some sort of patent infringement. I was afraid it would come to this.

cro-magnon said...

Why must you keep picking on Obama?

Anonymous said...

'CRO M.', better Mississippi than
How's by you?


fats flannighan said...

Obama just named Sylvester Stallone and Nancy Pelosi to important post. Now the team will be known as:

Rambo, Sambo and the Bimbo.


Oh, well. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

ricky grigg said...

in case you SanO kooks haven't noticed, your so-called beach is really rockin today with 6 foot plus waves and no kiddies to get in your way.

Is it really true that Murphy said

"it's way too big to surf" and stayed home?

Anonymous said...

Murphy only comes down when it's 8 foot, water temp 73, air temp 90, wind offshore at 1 mph, and then complains.

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