Thursday, September 04, 2008

NSSA Raids Hallowed Ground

Well it's finally happened. The NSSA is raiding "The Bu" this weekend. I can see it now, 700 kids and their folks fighting for a parking spot and a small patch of sand on the beach. What would the Boys of Malibu have to say about this? Surely El Tuberoo will have a take on this dastardly event.


there is no point said...

Time to re-string that barbed wire around the pit.

abner yokum said...

OMG! This is just awful. First, 'no point', there was no Pit. The Pit was to sell Surfer Mag. What they did was photograph
Lancey-Poo perched on that boulder calling it the Pit. The Gidge's shack was 80 yards up the beach in front of the house on the Point. Surfer Mag's Pit was at foot of the path fron PCH to the beach. Nobody in there right mind would sit there. Don't ever believe anything you read and only half of what you actually see.

andy gump said...

First they say there's no 'Point', now you say there's no 'Pit'. What's a body to do?

< Anon' >

the point and the pit said...

There Is No Tube.

Anonymous said...

Point and Pit, when did you discover that?

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