Friday, September 19, 2008

San-O Tip No 94: Halloween Costumes

Have a memorable costume by picking one that says something about the real you, something that captures your inner spirit.


public urinal said...

Criminy sakes, Sy Esq. Jr. etal ad infinitum III, that sure resembles Allan C. Moore.

Anonymous said...

Right on, chums. Attend the toll rods meeting at Fairplex Park to regressin time, to take us back to square one. Sign the pettition to dig up all freeways to stop progress. Bring you meager little sign saying 'Save Whittier Narrows'. Remember, Freeways pass through sacred burial grounds, even though everyone spends eternity in a urn.

dick pole said...

It's Murphy, right?

Or has he corrupted both you and Spin so now you are posting penis pictures too?

Anonymous said...

That monster's face looks like a male's genetilia.

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