Friday, November 14, 2008

Just A Sweet Girl Who Needs A Day At The Beach With Her Uncle

Please be nice to my niece when she comes to San Onofre Surf Beach next Sunday. She’s a sweet girl inside. She has had some problems, but my brother assures me that decapitating and burning her Barbie dolls is a normal rite of passage, though the fire did get out of hand.

The Fire Marshall was exaggerating when he said she drenched half the house in gasoline. Five rooms isn't really half, and they were mostly just the rooms with people in them. The claim that she tied up the whole family with wire while they slept, so that they would burn in the fire, is also untrue. First of all, Grandma was not home at the time, and she is very much part of the family, though she does have her own condo across town where she sleeps.

Secondly, several of them were tied up with extension cords, and while I would agree that there is wire in an extension cord, I think that the difference is important.

Thirdly, if she truly wanted to kill them, she could have done so when she slipped sleeping pills into their evening dinner. I mean really, what was the point? Are we really to believe that she drugged them just so she could tie them up, and she carefully calculated the correct dosage so that they would be awake in morning when she set the house afire; all so that they would be conscious when they were burned alive? That's absurd. If she were that clever, she would have simply given them all a fatal overdose and been done with it. What she told the doctors is just some fantasy.

The blood tests of the family are not reliable. Look that the LAPD and O.J. Simpson. They contaminated the blood in that case. It was proven. I don't think we can believe blood tests that show that all the family members in the house ingested the same pills. And how can they really tell that it was mixed in the food? The same lab tested the leftover food! For all I know the whole lab is contaminated with sleeping pills, so that everything that they test shows signs of sleeping pills.

Really, I just want you to be nice to her. She has just had some issues to deal with. You can read about this normal rite of passage, including how such hatred and violence are normal in a study by the University of Bath.


bored after line 3 said...

Sydney, you have way to much time on your hands. You may want to take up a hobby.

Anonymous said...

"What's that, Mr. Fung?"

[Barry Schect]

Anonymous said...

Are you sure about that, Mr. Fung?

[Judge Ito]


Paul Strauch, Jr.
Surf Legend and Stateman

Anonymous said...

Surfing Heritage Found- ation is awash with folklore, myths, legends, campfire tales, kahoona chants. At least Paul Strauch Jr. is a paragraph in Encyclo-pedia of Surfin. Are yoU?


okie ned said...

Nope, I cain't even get a mention in Pennysaver.

appolona said...

its funny becuase she's Jewsih.

God Bless Jim Irwin said...

Sylvain Cazenave is a kook!

unity said...

Peac, brother. Fire rings are for unity, not bickering.

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