Saturday, November 29, 2008

Memorable Picture

Because I am often seen taking pictures at San Onofre, people I don't even know ask me to take a picture of them surfing. I usually reply with something like "Well, do something memorable and I'll take a picture."


Anonymous said...

Carton, Kydney Esq. Take heed. Yesterday's Penguin Blog was the best ever, until today. Your graphic of, whatever it was, on a comber is monumental. How do you do it day in and day out?


Dumber Than Dumb said...

Carton Esq. heres an odyssey. I know you remember Butch van A. At a party in La Jolla years ago there was a party for those ego-maniacs at Wind 'n Sea. They called everyone to the shack for the group photo. You know, Diff, S rambles, Fusher, Pal Al, Carl E., nnd the boyz that make the noize. The photographer had a sheet over the camera set on a tripod. Everthings set, camera guy says hold that, everyone flashes shaka sign. Camera guy pulls of the sheet revealing Butch, BA facing the fellows. Butch says smile, reaches down an squeezes the bulb.

Head dip said...

Thing of is, it's real. I saw it some time ago. Ck the cook cord.

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