Friday, November 07, 2008

Sorry for the mix-up, this is the repeat that should have been posted yesterday!


action said...

Aloha,'Murph For Laughs',
looks as if South Bay's gone big-time. Isn't eHenry Ford the cat's meow.
Us'n surfers must stick together. Here's the deal, schlemiel. Youtube pops up. Right panel click, mytube, takes you to thumbnails. Starting on top left click, you get recent Vblog. Bros all over the globe are stymied.
We want all to see contest coverage of Oxbow, which another South Bay guy's gonna' win, and you know who that is. Thank Puttzle fou his under-
standing. It's good thimg Fain's not in this. Tuthill has Fowler back on a new Jacob's.

F.oxbow said...

The wonderful world of Murphy.

Glad I'm just visiting!

pete said...

Sorry for the mix-up, this REPEAT should have been posted yesterday.

hair plugs said...

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1998 $215,432 $195
1999 $210,797 $120
2000 $219,953 $360
2001 $220,712 $360
2002 $227,811 $260
2003 $231,375 $260
2004 $234,271 $380
2005 $321,379 $380
2006 $248,459 $380
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comittee said...

F.Oxbow, you are welcome here. Are you an Oxbow Incident contestant. If you don't fall asleep on us whom, do you think will win?

Anonymous said...

'Hair Plugz', source please.

tough totems said...

I love it when they shut 'er down. Thanks Mr. Oxbow, F.Henry Ford. You owe us.

Anonymous said...

Look, F.Henry's is doing the best he can. If you think you can do better, volunteer.

[Mysto George]

cylindrical-steak said...

good one.

VF said...

I know you don't, but have you any idea What Mr.Weber commands for a shoot. I can give you an idea, okay. Eighty large minimum per sesh. BMW convertable included.

Anonymous said...

VF, methinks, that BMW convertable is a rental.

[rip curl]

Anonymous said...

Why, o, why can't you get your repeats in order. Puttzle, F.Henry Ford, Peet and Repeat, like what's going on?

[rip curl]

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