Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Four Doors Gets New TP Dispenser


REAL DEAL said...

Fats, you're a day late and a dollar short. This is wahat a real dispenser looks like.

Anonymous said...

Dr.Ralph was your home break Gumoo Reef dowwn by the Club beside Burn Down at Pico Rivera in RB.

SOSC member said...

Can I order 1 with the club logo?

Anonymous said...

'Club Member', you bet you can. Same low price.

Anonymous said...

That ass looks very familiar.

What SOSC member did the modeling for that?

Birdman said...

My God!

I just heard there was a bird on Murphy's roof!

kit said...

Dagnabbit Bird, you heard right.

Anonymous said...

Today May 26th, NeoN'S BLOG. WATCH.

Anonymous said...

Neon's blog?

1. Legalize pot
2. Pot is healthy
3. Weird poetry with no point
4. No comments other the Momz

Anonymous said...

Anonymous cinco. That's hillarious.

Anonymous said...

Re: TP Dispenser. So you say I can go in 4 Doors to take a huge giant massive dump after eating several bean & cheese burritos.

anal said...

Is he putting the paper in, or is he taking the paper out?

Anonymous said...

wat the f is rong wit yuo idits? this stuf iz stupid.

Lewie O'Doul said...

WTF if you want brilliant material, go join the Mensa blog.

Porky said...

Murphy got an email from the Department of Health telling him not to eat tinned pork because of swine flu.

He ignored it. It was just spam.

Anonymous said...

ATTENTION! The WGA is still on strike. Sorry, we are dealing with SCAB bloggers for months to come.

Captain Enema said...

My dog ate a rag once. Assistance was needed for the anal removal of said rag.

Carmine said...

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Anonymous said...

Carmine, everybody comes to Hollywood gots a dream. What's your dream, baby?

Moon Phase