Monday, May 03, 2010

Hobie Classic at San Onofre

Schedule: Stand Up exhibition at 8:00AM Saturday!
There are 4 divisions on Saturday, Oct 8.
Junior Women 15-19
Senior Women 20-34
Master's Women 35 & Older
Retro Expression Session - All ages
There are 4 divisions on Sunday, Oct 9.
Itzy Bitzys - 8 years and under
Ke'ikis - 9 & 10
Menehunes - 11 & 12
Wahines - 13 & 14
All confirmed entries will receive an email confirmation/invitation and directions to the HOBIE REGISTRATION PARTY on Friday Night, Oct. 7, 2010.
For more info call(949) 494-8611
Gates open at 6:00 AM
Exit the 5 freeway at Basilone road.Go towards the ocean.Go to the SURF BEACH sign and turn right.Go past the stop sign to the Ranger Kiosk.Be prepared to wait in line if you don’t get there when the gate opens.
Parking is very limited.There are outside showers.There are inside toilets.Bring drinking water, shade and sun screen. Hawaiian Plate Lunches available for an additional $50.00ea. Come prepared to spend the day. And don't forget your wallet for those extra expenses, and unforseen costs. Admission to San Onofre State Park Surf beach is $15.00
Contest Entry Instructions: By Credit Card Online:
Sign up online and pay securely with a CREDIT CARD!

By Mail:
1. Click acrobat icon to get the required release form and entry form.
2. Print out the release form and entry form.
3. Completely fill out both forms
5. Mail filled out release form and completed entry form with payment to:Allan Seemour Productions INC.P.O. Box 1446Capistrano Beach, CA 92624-044
By Fax:
1. Same instructions as above.2. Fax to: (949) 496-1706
Faxed entries must be accompanied with credit card info and expiration date.
Previous Allan Seemour Production's INC. Surf Contests:
Hobie San O ClassicSan Onofre Oct 7-8, 2010

2010 Allan Seemour Productions Inc.


Anonymous said...

Is this some kind of joke? 250.00?

splash said...

If price is a problem you don't belong there okay. 250.00 is chump change. Right.

F. Henry Ford said...

At least Halloween is just around corner.

F. Chuck Patterson said...

The King and Queen of the Dogpatch
Stand-Up Surf Contest
San Onofre State Beach
May 8, 2010

San Clemente CA

The King and Queen of Dogpatch will be held Saturday May 8, 2010 at San Onofre State Beach. This is the second year of this raucous and hilarious stand-up paddleboard (SUP) surf contest that directly benefits the San Onofre Foundation.

Come join the best stand-up paddleboard surfers from California and Hawaii to surf it out for the King and Queen crowns. Last year John & Manya Clark of San Clemente wore awarded King & Queen crowns. The surfing champions were Noah Shimabokura (Carlsbad, CA) and Candace Appleby (San Clemente/Hawaii).

“The event celebrates our favorite local SUP break, Dogpatch, and it’s a chance for us to do something nice for the beach through the San Onofre Foundation” says Rainbow Sandals owner Jay “Sparky” Longley.

The King and Queen of the Dogpatch SUP surf contest is an open event with men & women novice and advanced division. Surfers in this contest have to display more than pure surfing and paddling ability. Showing panache and aloha in their style is just as important. Finalist in each division will receive royally commemorative awards and an overall king and queen will be crowned. The event takes place May 8 with the first heat in the water at 7:00am.

dinero facil said...

That place gives me the heebie-jeebies.

the duke said...

Bro--what if I win what do I get for my prize?

I.Crane said...

Hey Duker, a salad bowl. You must, however be paid up in all past entry fees. Sorry. BTW, is F.Henry the contest Marshall?

Anonymous said...

They've been handing out those fake wooden bowls for the past 24
years. What gives anyway. Sometimes they fill the bowls with stale Fritos.

Starving Mexican said...

Que pasa ?? $50 bucks para el almuerzo es broma !!

norm's family restautant said...


Anonymous said...

PPW will be used during the Hobie Classic. It is $ 250. to enter and $ 50. per wave up to 6 feet. Over 6 feet $ 100. per wave. SW swell add $ 1.00. Water temp over 64 add another buck. Any waves after 11:00 caught in glassy conditions cost is negotiable. Special SOSC BOD placement guaranteed not to be in Don Craig's heat.
Pu Pu's by BK.
All contestants welcome to spend the night at Old Man's. BYOB.

sandpro said...

"WOW" you know how much food you can buy with 250.00 .. this is not right. 13-15 years old having to pay that much to surf maybe one heat or two.. wow, ripping off people is not good.

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