Friday, May 14, 2010

Stagnated San-O-Daze Surf Report

Gone surfing.


elvis said...

Dr. Ralph-o, I sure wish you had this 20 years ago, it would of saved a lot of worthless trips to that sharh infested San Onofre Beach.

peg-leg said...

Yeah, but where do all these maneating beasts come from anyways.

Jacques Cousteau said...

monsieur peg-leg.
those beasts are stangely attracted to the nuclear generating plant. please be very careful in the waters.

Anonymous said...

I'M PISSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, oh.

Trend Follower said...

Dr, could you tell me where I might rent a SUP for the contest?

Dr. Ralph said...

The Infinity Surf Shop in Dana Point.

Just like Laird said...

Thanks Dr. I'm on my way.

Say, what size to you recommend?
I'm thinkin maybe 18 feet?



the Leper said...

Just Like: Perfect for Old 'Nofre which has not seen a curl in forty years. The bigger the better. Say, how'd you old pelicans lose a leg?

garrett said...

Dr.Ralph, how big should a rudder be on an eighteen footer, and what's the width. Thank you.

Dr. Ralph said...

Well Garrett, your rudder should be at least one third the length of the board and I would go at least 30" or more on the width. These dimensions will be very helpful on the tide swings.

Ask Dr. Ralph said...

What time should I get in line tomorrow? I'm thinkin this afternoon around 3.

amputee said...

3:00 pm is perfect to get in line to wait in line.

frau frieda schultz said...

Camera shut down, no waves, blown out south wind, cold weather, umfavorable conditions. What is the purpose of San-O Daze, it'like this each and every day. And, you've gone surfingg. HAW!

Anonymous said...

Thats a beautiful painting Dr Ralph. Did you paint that?

Murphy said...

The day is coming when a single carrot,
freshly observed, will set off a revolution.

China Hilton said...

Dr.Ralph is this some sort of a joke ur something? I have lost patience with SANDAZE.

charlie manson said...

Hello China, get out while the getting is good. San-O Daze has reached the point of no return, that's for sure. If they can, and it doesn't look good, turn it around they had better rename it 'Ship-Of Fools'. It is not a pretty sight.

jack said...

'Trend Follower', try Jacks Surf Shop Dana Point.

Anonymous said...

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