Thursday, December 02, 2010



Big Kook said...

Don't shoot, I'm just the piano player.

art gumm said...

BK should be put in a straightjacket for his own protection. He appears to be beside himself.

Anonymous said...

Operation Repo is a FAKE "reality show" where a fictional repossession team from the San Fernando Valley in California enact the repossession of vehicles for finance companies.

Some of the actions shown violate the Collateral Recovery Act of the State of California and are only for dramatic purposes. Repossession agents are prohibited from breaching the peace (ie: fighting and wresting with debtors). However, some of the actors on the team were repossession agents in real life.[1]

Although as a channel, truTV is described as presenting "Reality TV", Operation Repo consists of scripted reenactments where the team is often confronted by actors portraying debtors with prop weapons, prop drugs, and naked women; and with actors portraying police officers with prop weapons and prop squad cars.

Operation Repo began in April 2008, and is based on the Spanish language program, Operacion Repo shown on Telemundo, which began in November 2006.

Doris C. said...

BK was always a kind gent with me.

Joey Conroy said...

Yannow, I've gotten busted way more times than BK and you never mention me here.

What gives?

monica lewinski said...

Joey, these are the "Bigs", that's why.

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