Sunday, April 30, 2006


Unless you're family tree has names like Black Hawk in them. We are all descendants of illegal immigrants.


thrown out of england said...

Dear Drralph, our ancestors were not illegal immigrates, they were simply "Politically Exempt"! (thanx dingo)

American said...

Our ancestors could not have been illegal immigrants, simple because when they were sent here from England as "Immigrants" there were no laws, no states, no borders, and no "Constitution" or "Bill of Rights" and the key word here is "SENT HERE"!

Anonymous said...

My distant family helped your family out when they got off the boat, more than a 1/4 less than a 1/2.



Dingo said...

My ancestors were LEGAL IMMIGRANTS as can be seen at Ellis island. They were given the proper documentation and paperwork upon arrival, unlike those of today that do not do it legally!

proud american said...

Aw horseshitt,simpatico ralph, a day without mexicans is like a day without cancer. go to La Siesta, order a #4 special, pendejo.

Fact Checker said...

Legal means you followed the rules, illegal means you did not!

Australopithicus Africanus said...

Just because one is white in America does not mean that ones ancestors owned slaves. Because one is of Mexican ancestory does not mean they were illegal. The oldest forms of human life originated in Africa. Those with the name of Black Hawk or a facimile thereof migrated from other places.

BOTTOM LINE: today this is the United States of America. You can migrate here legally or (unfortunatly) illegally. Nothing in the past matters!

illegal activist said...


NeoN said...

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Anonymous said...

I'd like to choke you till you shit your pants, then make you eat it, my forefathers would jack off in their boots, just so the flies would get your mother pregnant.

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