Saturday, April 29, 2006

Get'er Done

Now this guy has the right idea! Did you know that in Mexico its against the law to protest anything? Maybe America can help, lets protest down there, but with a couple of Stealth Bombers over El Presidente' fox's home!


Capt. America said...

I think we should boycott mexico! We should try and get every American that goes into mexico on the weekends to stop going and giving them our money! If they can't get our money, no one would bring them accross the border because then they could not afford to pay the coyotes. No money, no crossie! Stop all dealings with companies or business's that use illegal's. If they can't make enough to pay them, then there is no work for them and they stay in their own country and suffer or, they stand up for themselfs and get a government that will work for them as ours does for us! Till then THAY ARE ILLEGALS and have no rights at all in this country PERIOD the're crimminals.

Dr. Ralph said...

I, Captain. second that emotion!!!

arriba mexico said...

right on, too late.

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