Thursday, September 13, 2007

Deliberating Whether They Know Him?

Spector, on the right, wrote the song about his father, who had committed suicide when Spector was 9. It was the "B" side of what they hoped would be a hit song on the "A" side ("You Don't Know My Little Pet"), but as things go, the "A" side flopped. Then a DJ in Fargo, N.D., played the "B" side on air. A record distributor in Minneapolis then orders 18,000 copies. Press releases about the order cause other radio stations to play the song. The group performs on American Bandstand. The record hits number 1 and sells 5 million copies.

The song comes from the inscription on his father's tombstone.

More trivia: And remember MoonDoggie? Marshall Leib, the guy on the left, previously had a group called the MoonDogs.


Anonymous said...

Oh Sidney, there's as many Moondogs as there are cats namee Gidget. You remember
Moondog was Alan Fried's act on KDAY 1580.

Anonymous said...

How would Sydney know?

gentle blogger said...

If he doesn't know, maybe the 'Teddy Bears' would.

Sydney Carton, Esq. said...

Yes, Anonymous, and even earlier at several other stations before the payola scandal (I know you meant Alan Freed).

Sydney Carton, Esq. said...

More trivia:
The alleged original Moondog,
Louis Hardin, claimed he started using the name Moondog in 1947 in honor of a dog who used to howl at the moon.

In the 1950s he sued Alan Freed to stop him using the name Moondog.

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