Saturday, September 08, 2007

San-O Surfing Tip No. 87: Surf With Friends

Wherever possible, surf with as many friends as you can get to come with you. Some people think that it's best to surf with other learners (and spur each other on), some think it's better to surf with more experienced surfers so that you can learn from them. In either case you will learn from the other surfers, and increase the chances that there will be someone who can help you should things go wrong.


!* said...

Aw, horsefeathers.

Sandy Beach said...

I was almost there! The picture was taken at False Bay, near Capetown SA, (c) Sep. 15, '06. The day the photo was taken my honey and I were in the SA wine county - I was oblivious to the event until the next day when I surfed the same spot and everyone told me about it. Damn! A San 'O surfer could have been in the scene.

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