Saturday, September 29, 2007

Fast food

Well, you don't like to go for the fast food thing. It's not good for you and you know it.

The other day, strapped for time and in a hurry, I did just that.

So I wheel into the drive up order line. I know precisely what I want and there are zero cars in front of me.

I get the usual greeting and begin to order. I am interrupted before I can say two words.

The person with the Star Wars like head set on says something, and I do not understand any of it.

So I ignore what she says and begin to repeat my order. Again I am interrupted.

By now I am pissed, and when I get to window someone is going to get a piece of my mind.

Now I emphatically blurt out my order and drive up to window.

I am really going to give someone a rough time.

I get to the window and I am greeted by this little gray haired lady, who is in her seventies.

She says with a really cute smile, that will be $5.80 please.

So I hand her the money and say, thank you very much.


Dr. Ralph said...

And in the background with the headset on, was the person I wanted. In the speaker I here someone yelling at her.

Archy Rice said...

I like grapes.

el mercado said...

Jeeze, don't you guys have anything better to do? Irregardless, I love real cold grapes.

Anonymous said...

El, you have no vision. Archy, you must believe everything Murphy tells you.

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