Friday, September 07, 2007

expansion planned

Curren Swaydasal
Orange County Register

California State Parks Department has approved plans for what is billed as one of the largest underground parking garages in the U.S., which will hold some 5,000 vehicles on its San Onofre/Trestles State Beach. In a deal reached with The Toll Road agency, It's scheduled to be completed by mid-2010.
The state is digging for a solution to the parking crunch on its growing surfing demand, The State plans to excavate a giant pit for an underground parking garage with the capacity for some 5,000 vehicles.
That's nearly as many spots as Bolsa Chica And Santa Monica combined, and would make it one of the largest underground parking structures in the United States.
It will cover the equivalent of six downtown city blocks and go four stories deep.
The underground garage, on the west side of Interstate 5 near the Basilone exit, is scheduled to be completed by mid-2010.
Plans for the 3.1 million square feet are complete and approved, at a cost of roughly $1.3 billion construction will begin in Novenber of 2007
Parking at San Onofre has become such a hassle that the State and Southern California Edison, who operates A nearby power plant, agree, this will alleviate all the current problems associated with the now overloaded lot.
The new garage "will go a long way to helping out with that crunch that we feel," It will also provide a much improved Beach experience for those who seek out the cooler coast weather when the weather is hot inland. Currently," Would be Bathers are forced to endure long lines and waiting to use the beach, this will remedy that and provide for projected future growth of 41% by the year 2040" claimed " Gustavo Amaya, A Dept spokesperson.

The project involves more than just parking.
"When this is done, I think people will look to that area as the center of Orange County," Amaya said. "It's being designed and built that way," with open space, a plaza, and other architectural and artistic touches planned to make the area friendly to all beach goers.
Curren Swaydasal/Orange County Register


up to here said...

Thank goodness someone's doin something to alleviate this ongoing proble. Thank you Archie.

twinfin said...

really? alliveiate the problem...i dont know i didn't know about this and it seems like the first step for sano to become the next huntington beach. 'surf city', marred by 'convenient' shopping centers...i hope to god that will not happen. the building of the plaza really worries me =/

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