Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Drugs Found at San Onofre

Cocaine washed up on San Onofre State Beach
Feb 13 2008 Associated Press (AP)
COCAINE with an estimated street value of $2.4 million dollars has been found washed up on a beach in southern california it emerged yesterday.
It is the second time in a week that a massive package of drugs has been discovered on a state beach.
It follows last Thursday’s discovery of an estimated $2,000.000.00 worth of cocaine washed up in Doheny State beach near the mouth of San Juan Creek. Similar packages were washed up on Poche beach, also in San Clemente, on the same day.
It has been suggested the water tight packages may have drifted across the Pacific Ocean from Mexico, propelled by winds.
State Parks Vice squad Sgt. Dairywhimple said last night that a good samaritan known only as "dingo" alerted the authorities after finding the package at San Onofre Beach.
But Detective Superintendent Peter Chalinor of San Onofre Vice, said he believed the drugs were destined for Bathroom Number Four.
“This is a substantial amount of Class A drugs that no doubt was on its way to the people who use it,” he said.
“ We have launched an operation to identify how these drugs ended up on the California Coast.
“If members of the public find any suspicious packages or parcels washed up on the shoreline they should contact police or customs officers immediately.”
The large package of cocaine was discovered At 6:00 Am Wednesday
Dairywhimple said the package, which was carefully sealed, contained smaller packages inside.
In Newport Beach nearly 30 bars of the drug were found on Thursday by marine biologists who were dolphin spotting in Cameo Cove as part of a research project.
Pete Turner, a senior detection officer for O.C.S.D.said, “the Sherriffs office continues to play a key role in the fight to stop drugs entering the US and to reduce the harm they do to our communities.
“We aim to protect society from the violence and corruption that always accompanies the trade in illegal drugs and in line with the US government’s strategy, we work with our partners at home and abroad to reduce the availability of Class A drugs on our streets.”
All the packages were last night being forensically examined.
Officers said the type of packaging and the way in which it had been wrapped could provide clues of its origin.


unknown anonymous said...

Holy crapp, Arch, what's going on down there, they got the female impersonator Mark "BK" Reynolds, what's next, better yet, who's next?

Anonymous said...

Dingo & Archie, I am extremely disappointed in you both. That was enough Blow to last us a year or more. We could have hid it in the unused storage rooms at 4 doors. Me and the Murph would have kept our eye on it. This years luau would have been the best.

unknown anonymous said...

Anonymous, 4 Doors, Murph, Blow, what's going on, anyways. Dingo, Archie, what luau are they talking about. C'mon, cut us a break.

Anonymous said...

I cannot take all the debauchery at Sano any longer. Shark attacks, beach closures, toxic water, weekend crowds, rampant drug and alcohol abuse, transvestite nudity, wife swapping and gay sex behind 4 doors. The place has gone to seed.
I am going to Rincon this weekend. Enough is enough!!!! Murph's Dad.

brrrr said...

We need your fire, Murph's dad!!!!

Homer said...

Just drop off the dog and the wood and the donuts and then you can go.

Anonymous said...

There has got to be 20 people here from Sano. Even ran into Archie's kid Cannonball out in the water today. It is absolutely perfect.

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