Friday, February 15, 2008



San Onofre State Beach. An alcohol raid was conducted this AM by The State parks Vice Squad at San Onofre in which a person of color was beaten to the ground for merely tripping to the ground, Authorities were tipped off that several individuals were consuming alcohol in plain sight of would be innocent bathers, this is in direct violation of the State Park Rules. The alcohol raid at San Onofre has sparked national media attention, local outrage, a state police investigation, and a rapidly coalescing protest movement in the usually tranquil San Clemente town. As television viewers nationwide saw, the 3.42 PM raid featured an aggressive squad of police bursting into The shack area with guns drawn, forcing cowering greivers to the ground, and handcuffing those they claimed complied too slowly with officers' shouted demands while police drug dogs sniffed for other contraband. None was found. Alvin Seemore of M.I. Paddleouts was led away in handcuffs, he was quoted as screaming "I own this (Expletive"F-ing"deleted) beach, you have no right". 8 other arrests included the legendary Surfer Don Craggy, 53 year old B.K. and his 19 year old girlfriend Lucinda Reer.

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Anonymous said...

That whole 'freaking' State Beach of losers at San Onofre are twisted. Any miseortune that comes their way they deserve,and in spades.

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