Saturday, February 16, 2008


WASHINGTON - Long before the public learned in late January that a damaged U.S. spy satellite carrying toxic fuel was going to crash to Earth at San Onofre Surfing Beach, the government secretly assembled a high-powered team of officials and scientists to study the feasibility of shooting it down with a missile.

The order to launch the crash program came Jan. 4, according to defense officials who described Friday how it came to fruition for a final go-ahead decision by President George W. Bush this week. The officials spoke to The Associated Press on condition they not be identified because of the sensitivity of the work.

The initial order was twofold: Assess whether shooting down the satellite with a missile was even possible, and at the same time urgently piece together the technological tools it would take to succeed.

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simple simon esq. said...

Dr.Ralph, boy, do I have a toxic massive, giant, dump for San Onofre.

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