Sunday, March 09, 2008


From busted windshield to just plain busted! Did he think no one would notice? Or maybe there was a "STOOLIE"!


pastor wilson said...

Great reporting Murph. Do you, by any chance, know Leo Hetzle?

Kazilar said...

See Here or Here

he ain't ever getting out! said...

Inmate Name:
Reynolds, Mark Douglas

Booking Number:

Date of Birth:

Sex: Male
Race: White

Height: 6' 02
Weight: 245 lbs.

Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue


Next Appearance Date:

Next Appearance Court:

Housing Location:
Theo Lacy Facility

Custody Status:
In Custody

Bail Amount:

Arrested on:
02-27-2008 at 01:40

murphy said...

Sorry, the name doesn't ring a bell, but then my memory isn't what it used to be!

Anonymous said...

Why Murph, I'm surprised. He was one of the photographerd for the Long Beach Press Telegram. You still with us bro, someone should tell 'he ain't never getting out', BK had a visitor at jail today, yep, Paris Hilton. How's that for luck.

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